It annoys me that Tio Pepe’s Homestyle Burrito-Size Flour Tortillas come from a factory in Sheboygan.  Flour tortillas are easy to make and a joy to behold (corn tortillas, by my experience, are more of a hassle).

I used to hang out at El Palenque in Ciudad Juarez.  It was a little restaurant/bar/mariachi joint on Avenida Juarez, and they made fantastic tacos al carbon.  The best part was that they made them right in front of you–you got to watch the guy grill the meat, brushing it with some mysterious sauce (I think I finally deciphered it, and I’ll share it with you later).  There was a short woman in a cotton-print apron standing by the front door, patting tortillas between her palms and tossing them onto a hot griddle.  Two minutes later, they’re on a plate in front of you, still hot from the griddle.  Wash that down with a bottle of Bohemia–my goodness.

I think El Palenque went out of business, sadly.  El Coyote Invalido (their logo is a bandaged coyote on crutches–no idea why), also on Avenida Juarez, is a good alternative.  Outside of the El Paso/Juarez area, the best Mexican food I’ve come across is at El Jacalito, in Austin.

Anyway, back to what I was saying–make your own danged tortillas.  They’re easy and very, very satisfying.