I miss “Calvin and Hobbes.”

I’m not a big fan of tattoos–glad I don’t have any, because it’s no fun having something that you can’t pretend you don’t–but this one’s pretty cool:

Twelve or thirteen years ago, I almost got a portrait of J. S. Bach on my upper right arm, with the notation of his “Royal Theme” underneath, and a portrait of Gustav Mahler and the notation for the theme from “Der Abschied” (from Das Lied von der Erde) on my left.  Still a cool idea, but I’m glad I didn’t do it.

To paraphrase Charles Emerson Winchester from M*A*S*H:  Why would I want, permanently etched onto my body, a picture that I wouldn’t allow to hang on my living room wall?

Some people love their tattoos, which is fine.  Just not my style.  Although a “Calvin and Hobbes” tattoo might be a pretty sweet thing.