I’ve been a bit lax about posting stuff lately.  I decided to try and organize my recipes, which has turned out to be an undertaking more monumental than I had anticipated, and it’s taking up whatever spare time I feel like having.  Sorry ’bout that.

On to the “Holy ^#&$!” part:

My very good old long-time pal Daphne sent me a CARE package recently.  It arrived on my porch today.  It contained 5 CDs customized for me (lots of Elvis Costello and David Byrne, for instance), two books (one for me, one for my daughter), one of those Mexican santo  religious candles, which I love (and this one smells like baby powder), what appears to be a Mexican version of a bingo game set (but with Mexican iconic figures instead of boring old letters and numbers), a big jar of Henry’s Dream green sauce (one whiff and I almost fainted with pleasure), a block of Ibarra chocolate, a very cute knit hat and a supposed-to-be-scary-but-actually-is-adorable stuffed critter for my daughter, lots of old newspapers from my high school and college days (including an article about my dad and his inverse dictionary of the Spanish language), and–get this–a Canon A60 digital camera.

Holy ^#&$!

Thanks, Daph, for the thoughtful box from home.  My little corner of Indiana is looking less desolate and Indiana-like.