Begin composing a Dear John letter to the Girl Scouts.

When my sister Marian was a relative young ‘un, she had a friend whose mother was from Argentina, and who made these other-worldly good cookies called alfajores (they must have been good–Marian never shared any with me).  My sister still swoons over them and  has begun making them herself, driving her coworkers crazy with cookie pleasure.

Hubba hubba!

I won’t lie to you–I haven’t made any yet (I’m still in the middle of a Girl Scout cookie bender), but I’m looking forward to it.

From what I’ve gathered, different cultures and societies in Central and South America have different approaches to alfajores.  The link I’m giving you refers to them as “filled cookies with dulce de leche and coconut topping,” which sounds pretty darned good to me, even if it might not be exactly the cookie of my sister’s memory or properly Argentinian (I didn’t search specifically for Argentinian alfajores).

I was surprised by the high number of hits I got when I searched “alfajores” and Martha Stewart blabbered about them fairly recently, so don’t be surprised if they turn up at a bakery near you pretty soon (I guess we’ll know that they’ve really made it to the big leagues when Ben & Jerry make an alfajor-inspired ice cream).

Beat the Girl Scouts and Ben & Jerry to the punch.  Be the first on your block to make them.