A couple of people have chastised me for not having put pictures of my darling daughter here.  Clam up; here she comes.

I would like to posit, however, that I abide by an Islamic principle known as ta’qiyah–basically, the more important something is to you, the more you should keep it to yourself.  Hold your cards close to your chest.  Don’t go  blowing your horns or waving your flags–when you do that, you’re publicizing the chinks in your armor.

That’s why I don’t talk much about myself or stuff that’s really, truly important to me.

For now, I feel pretty secure putting these pictures here, since the only people who seem to know about this blog are people I like and trust (and, in some cases, love).

That being said, here’s a right-jolly gallery of pictures featuring my silly, funny, tack-sharp, fearless, goofball daughter, who I love very much.

There.  That oughtta hold ya for a while.