You may have read an earlier post titled “Paternity blues.”  I was at a pretty low point then, in legal terms.  The tide has turned, however, and things are relatively sunny now, hence the title of this post (if my memory of optics and color science is at all accurate, orange is kind of the oppposite of blue–its complementary color).

Anyway, having consulted the state of Indiana’s child support calculator thingy-dingy, I can tell you that I’m gonna wind up owing baby’s mama slightly more than half of what she’s been squeezing out of me.

In exchange for that half-pound of flesh, I’m legally entitled to every other weekend (Friday night to Sunday night), one alternate weeknight, alternate holidays and celebrations–the list goes on and on.

The wheels of justice do indeed move slowly (not to mention expensively), but thank heaven they are inexorable.