I just had one of those braingasm moments, when you suddenly remember the solution to something that’s been driving you nuts all day.

Sub-braingasm:  Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel hanging from his belt.  Bartender says, “Hey, you know you got a steering wheel hanging from your belt?”  Pirate says “Yar, it’s drivin’ me nuts.”

Anyway, those little Philipino beauties are called torrones.

All the while, I was sorely tempted to call them tostones, but that ain’t right–those are plantain slices, smooshed flat and cooked.  But I hope you can see how I got the two terms confused.

I Googled images for torrones and came up with nothing but Italian nougat.  I don’t have anything against Italian nougat, believe me, but that’s not what I was looking for.  I guess that if you want to see what Philipino torrones look like, you’ll have to make some and then stand there and stare at them.

On the other hand, I might still have the name wrong and have been shaking my fist at Google for no good reason.

It doesn’t really matter.  You can call them flapdoodles or bimsquaddles for all I care.  They’re good, cheap, and easy.