Would you believe that you can make something like this

from stuff you already have lying around?  Okay, granted, you might have to drop six or eight bucks at Hobby Lobby, but–big deal.

You don’t even have to have any special skills, just a hankering to make something personal and supercool.

As much as I wish I’d come up with this idea on my own, I ain’t gonna lie to you (not this time, anyway).  It comes from http://www.atomicshrimp.com/st/content/drink_can_tinwork

Atomic Shrimp is one of my favorite sites.  If you like what you see when you click on the above link, start poking around the rest of the site.  You might as well grab a box of cookies and a big glass of milk and settle in for the duration, because you’re going to be there a while.